Why Developers Hate UI?

Functionality is the real deal, the rest is just cosmetics!?

Vishal Mehta
2 min readJun 4, 2022


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Developers — programmers traditionally have a binary mindset.

Yes and No.

OK and Cancel.

Input and Output.

Zeros and Ones.

Measurable objectivity resides in coding algorithms, business logic and data exchange routines.

The measure is what developers like about systems programming — there’s hardly room for opinions. Almost everything can be equated to right or wrong. The psychology is of progress — it’s easier to determine and observe.

On the other hand, the UI aspect of software — good or bad — is so subjective that most developers find it unappealing without knowing it as the reason.

They believe that choosing a font that is more appropriate for a UI is a matter of opinion than a calculated science. Developers do not like to take UI decisions because there are no specific rules that they can absorb and apply.

Developers store plenty of data in their heads while working — that’s required for programming complex software. However, for a good UI, minute detailing and minimizing is required.

Since both aspects are contradictory, it’s difficult for developers to make the switch at will and code a good UI. Hence, most feel it as a waste of time, and they also reject good creative UI, deeming them as non-feasible.

They feel that UI slows them down in building actual features and functionality. So, they react with disinterest to “silly” suggestions of color changes, label changes, alignment of layout etc.

What are we solving here?

Writing code for internal guts of a software can push your brains to the limit and provide a high for developers. In contrast, they don’t feel there’s any brilliancy to code a UI, as it’s not algorithmic in nature.

UI is sadly like a tedious and boring chore for the guys — which they push to the bottom of the stack in their priority list.

“That’s a cosmetic…



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