Cultural Cadence: My Journey through Chinese Dance

Stepping into China’s rich heritage at Googirl’s performance

Vishal Mehta


A collage of Chinese dancers performing on stage
Freezing shots of performances © Vishal Mehta

I’m an Indian by origin, but my journey over the years has taken me on a captivating path into the world of Chinese culture.

China is on top of my list for a dream vacation!

Since my move to the United States (1997), I’ve formed deep connections with Chinese friends who have enriched my life in countless ways. This blog is a testament to my fascination with the culture and my enduring friendships.

As I share my first experience watching a Chinese dance performance, I can’t help but reflect on the beautiful cultural tapestry that has woven its way into my life.

Here’s a snapshot of the enchanting evening. A huge callout to all performers and a personal thanks to my colleague and dear friend Xing Li for this memorable experience! 📸🇮🇳🤝🇨🇳


A group of passionate individuals with a mission as vibrant as the colors of a Chinese lantern festival.

They’ve made it their calling to breathe life into Chinese tradition through the mesmerizing art of dance. And where better to showcase this cultural extravaganza than at the illustrious Spangenberg Theater in Palo Alto?

A collage of the theater and program guide

As I entered the theater, the event poster, the agenda flyer, and venue itself set the stage for an unforgettable night. 🏮🎭🌟

Anticipation.. Nostaglia..

As I took my seat, a flutter of excitement danced within me. It was the kind of anticipation that transcended the mundane and ventured into the realm of dreams.

My exposure to Chinese culture had been largely through the lens of cinema, where the likes of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Michelle Yeoh…



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