I'm a born dreamer!

I love to fantasize and create experiences in every activity and relationships.


Professionally, I’m an engineer turned designer with over 22 years in industry. Born and brought up in Mumbai (India), I currently live in San Francisco Bay Area, California with my wife and two kids.

Over the years, I have nurtured various hobbies and actively pursue one or more at any given time. My friends call me a polymath.


If I were a social media post, these hashtags would appear 😉

#chess #design #ux #photography #singing #sketching #creative #running #marathon #storytelling #cooking #art #dreaming #writing

My Experience with Medium

Although I joined Medium in 2016, I was dormant until December 31, 2021.

“Oasis in the desert” is the phrase I would like to coin, to summarize my experience with Medium, within a few months.

This engagement is keeping me sane and fresh in an otherwise chaotic world. The ideas, the inspiration, the execution, and the connect is phenomenal.

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and a few more.. (I'll add soon :))

Thanks for your kind support.

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